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The KitPimp Pathfinder Bergen – The true Rucksack of a spartan!

If I was a Spartan warrior from the film 300 and needed a Bergen fit for a spartan, the KitPimp Pathfinder is the Rucksack or Bergen I would certainly choose, the features of it make it suitable for the Infantry soldiers of the UK Armed Forces and these guys are the true Spartan warriors of the British Army.

It’s big, it’s mean, it’s cool and it’s ally as f**k, quality made and comfy to yomp around, shed your entire CEFO in this bad boy along with our Webbing and your good to go!

We’re pleased to say that these are being rolled out at a discounted price for our heroes in the Armed Forces so if your a Tom / Harry / or a Joe as they say in the Parachute Regiment than get on here and let us know and we’ll get you a coupon code to use!

Please note due to demand their could be a pending waiting list of beginning as 7 days due to other bits of kit being rolled out but rest assured we are doing our best to make sure you guys are going to get quality kit at a fair price!

So for those spartan warrior soldiers in the Forces who really need a Bergen or rucksack that will shoulder the load and make your life as well as organisation easier than go on here and check out the KitPimp Pathfinder Bergen.

We’ve got our professional photographer on a regular payroll to make sure you get some sexy photos of this sexy kit and starting in 2021 we’ll be offering partial refunds to those guys whom have purchased it prior or in the future whom get us some happy snaps of use in the field!

Contact us for further info how YOU can quality for upto 60% credit on your kit simply by taking a photo of you using it!

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