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Bergen tailoring… no need! Here is the ultimate tailored Bergen

Get the ultimate Bergen…

We’ve come out with a bergen which has all the mods and alterations you could ever wish for all in one package, the days of needing to send your kit off to be tailored or buying a tailored bergen are over, why pay more for less when you can get less for more…

Available in Multicam compliant MTP

Available in Olive Drab Green

The KitPimp Pathfinder MTP Bergen, combining all the most popular mods from Bergen tailoring into one package! This is the ultimate tailored bergen

What makes the ultimate bergen? There wasn’t an easy answer before the KitPimp Pathfinder MTP Bergen, the current issue Virtus has been identified as being totally awful to everyone who has come to us to purchase the KitPimp Pathfinder Bergen and it all we’ve heard is bad things, luckily we’re on hand to take a nightmare load carriage solution away and give the British soldier a dream one… if there is something we haven’t included in our best selling Bergen simply let us know and we can incorporate features into further solutions!

Can’t wait to try it yourself? Head on here and get it whilst stocks last!

The PLCE Bergen was traditionally sent off to other businesses to be tailored with rather expensive modifications, the PLCE bergen was a good bergen on it’s own but shortcomings were identified and the ability to add more features was desired; whether it was a desire for something more practical or ally, the only solution was to send the issue tissue off to be modded or tailored and we will be listing the most popular mods which people wanted in this article, because we want our customers to know that they don’t need to do this anymore.

The main thing during the Soldier 95 era with the DPM kit on issue before the advent of MTP and Virtus issue was a need to get quick access to essentials without rummaging through the whole entirety of the inside of the main compartment of the issue 100 litre bergen, sure there were the options to stuff kit in the side pouches, but why do that when you could add pouches on the front of the bergen by sending it off somewhere?

Pretty soon the market was awash with new ideas both good and bad about how they could do surgery on the issued kit and one of the most popular would be adding 3 x utility sized pouches onto the bottom of the bergen whilst adding a poncho pouch to the top, now this really did make it more convenient in the field knowing you could carry more kit but than as we know the more you carry the heavier the load becomes, and hence some new mods would soon pop up to compensate for these astonishing massively absurd amounts of weight being yomped around in the field…

The shoulder straps on the issue bergen had one nasty problem, the foam padding in the shoulder straps was rather thin and didn’t really make it comfortable shouldering loads of excess 70lbs and more, the foam padding was cheap, nasty and prone to “breaking” and once one shoulder gave it the entire bergen had to be handed back in, pretty soon the answer became simply to widen the shoulder straps as well as making it mesh underlined to allow more comfort in shouldering the weight and the mesh allowed moisture to dissipate.

Another issue identified in the issue PLCE Bergen was that when carrying excessive loads you would sweat mountains and the compartment were you placed your back simply would allow moisture to build up and this was a problem, our solution was to add a spacer mesh back support system with two long vertical pads that promote air flow run either side of the spine that flow into a lumber support pad for added comfort, thus making larges amount of weight more of a pleasure and allowing a comfortable load bearing solution.

A lot of the time people when using the PLCE Bergen were amongst 2 x minds about the practicality of the waist belt, some elected to completely cut it off whilst some also realised the addition of 2 x water bottle pouches added on would be a comfort, however the waist belt sometimes got in the way of accessing any webbing you were wearing thus denying access, the solution to this by us was simply to make a feature in the bergen where you can simply remove it or add it as you please, with MOLLE straps on the side to allow you to add 3rd party pouches from other manufacturers.

An innovation by us was also to add some mesh pockets under the removable side pouches which are secured and retained by elastic and a drawcord, the addition of a flat pocket for shelter poles and other items was a welcome addition and another example of what makes our design of bergen so unique.

The lid of the bergen itself is now a “floating lid”, it can be adjusted via the ladderlocs at the rear of the bergen to make it as short or as tall as desired which increases or decreases the profile of the rucksack itself so not being fixed, whilst the bergen itself is over 150 litres you can go above and beyond this a bit if you need to cram even more kit inside!

On top of our floating lid is another unique idea; the top pocket features a 3 sided zip that hinges open to reveal 2 small and one large mesh pocket with elastic loops and MOLLE on the inside of the Lid for kit organisation this can be used for anything ranging from rations to TAMS, spare batteries for radios, anything you need to get in a fix, and this is one of the most well loved features of the rucksack to date.

To top all these modifications incorporated into the overall design the internal 3 prong frame of the traditional bergen design has been left which is also removable for when you want to clean your bergen after extensive use in the field and a carry handle is feature for moving your bergen around luggage style.

The only solution to getting one when you needed for things like selection, cambrian patrol, operations etc or anything else critical for to get one eBay or see if one your mates had one lying around… not needed anymore!

The ultimate Bergen is here; the KitPimp Pathfinder MTP Bergen; it has all the mods, bells and whistles you could hope for, solidly built, and it’s the real thing in genuine MTP IRR 1000D fabric, there isn’t a requirement to send off your bergen to any one more, when you can get something fairly priced right here right now!

2 thoughts on “Bergen tailoring… no need! Here is the ultimate tailored Bergen

  1. Matthew Mitchell says:

    Is this a short frame bergen and how tall is it in CM’s please.

    Do you do any discounts for veterans, cadet instructors or the Royal British Legion, im asking as I am all three am would love to purchase newer reliable equipment at reasonable prices.

    Please let me know, and thanks

    Matt Mitchell

    1. admin says:

      Hi John, we regularly review our pricing based on many factors and in some cases raise or lower it depending on demand, costings for materials and accessories etc you can appreciate we strive to be a value for money brand which offers the highest quality we can, but you should be aware that the materials themselves have become more expensive since 2021. Please e-mail us in September and I hope we can offer a revised price

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