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Bespoke Manufacturing for the UK Outdoors

Quality military with genuine materials for Bespoke UK Outdoors Manufacturing

After a call from a military unit we were pleased to undertake some bespoke manufacturing and produce a Rifle package suitable for the Sniper Weapon System in MTP compliant fabric and since than we’ve been inundated with orders, so from June 2023 we’ve been pleased to announce we will be offering a bespoke manufacturing process to all MOD, Police and Military units within the UK as well as our NATO partners, so if you want something done with an excellent lead time and high quality look no further.

Our process is simple, just make an inquiry on our contact us page and we’ll get back to you asap so we can discuss your requirements and needs in further detail and what you envision in the end result, we’ll endeavor to get a sample over to you as well as pricing, we only use highly quality materials and extensive quality control to ensure you get the best end user result from your request, minimum faff-faff and if you also let us know your budget before hand we have a better idea with what we can work with.

Please note that although we can cater for smaller MOQ (minimum order quantity) on manufacturing units there may be a higher cost implication but we will endeavor to make reasonable accommodations to cater for your needs, we also understand that MOD budgets are restricted in their maximum expense so that’s why we are empathetic to understanding that the tax payer needs maximum rate of return.

Note commercial samples are subject to costing and remain the intellectual property of KitPimp UK unless a license is granted.

In some cases we may have a design ready in our archives and ready for manufacturing at short notice and we can provide all sorts of solutions including sniper rifle carry bags, webbing, patrol packs, holdalls, garments and the there is no limitation beyond the scope of the idea so if you need quality bespoke manufacturing get in touch with us so we can discuss requirements in detail.

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