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The ultimate Multicam Rucksack – Perfect for for those needing a Multicam compliant solution

The Kitpimp Pathfinder Bergen in MTP has been increasing popular for those in the US, Canada and Europe needing a Multicam Rucksack, it uses a similar colour palette and is also 1000D fabric, hardwearing and infra-red reflective, and with a lightning fast delivery from our UK warehouse your assured to get it in record time, see below for real deal

MTP was sort of a revolution when it was introduced shortly after the popularity of Multicam was recognised, with troops deployed in the green zone in Afghanistan where there was a 50/50 mix of lush greenland where troops would be wishing they had their Woodland DPM to hand and than the next minute would move into arid areas where they would be needing Desert DPM again, so the solution? Develop a pattern that would be good for all environments rather than perfect for one – in a way a one size fit’s all solution, Multicam was already in use and thus the UK MOD turned to MTP… and thus was born the pattern of today, and the Pathfinder Bergen itself is a perfect Multicam rucksack solution for those needing one

Now revised in the Mk2 version 🙂

Multicam is the standard pattern of the US Special Forces and as of right now the Pathfinder Bergen in MTP is in use with UK Forces needing a perfect load carrying solution, it boasts load carrying capacity and plenty of places to conveniently stash your kit, build around a generously sized interior compartment, add onto on the outside 3 x pouches which can fit an issued water bottle and mug, a poncho pouch, 2 x mesh side pouches retained by elastic, 2 x removalable side pouches and a commanders lid on the top for administration and there you have all the room you need to manage yourself in the field…

The innovations don’t stop there, with widened shoulder straps with 100% mesh foam and breathable lined its a doozy to comfortably walk around with heavy loads and the back itself also has a revolutionary airflow mesh system unique to the bergen design itself.

Made from the the Multicam compliant fabric Multi Terrain Pattern, MTP uses a similar pallete to Multicam itself and the two work extremely well together, with our rucksack sharing the same durability as the standard 1000D Multicam fabric used on commercial items already on the market, customers in the European and US markets are already making this the Multicam rucksack of choice instead of going elsewhere.

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