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Virtus Bergen – What’s wrong with it? What’s right with it?

Virtus Bergen

Since the introduction of the British Army issued Virtus system and in particular the Virtus Bergen and even with the implementation of the Mk3 system we’ve been getting constant feedback regarding from the design compared to the previous PLCE issued PLCE bergen and really we wanted to get an honest review on why we’re still seeing so much negative input regarding it, because for a piece of issued kit which cost the MOD millions of pounds in terms of design and manufacturing people are still so put off about it and going for 3rd party solutions – in particular our best selling Pathfinder Bergen

We’ll be adding more and more input to this article as we convene with our usual Kitpests in the world but for the most part it’s a hit and miss – it’s a love and hate design.

Why did people love the PLCE Bergen? Simply for the part it could be tailored by businesses in the UK to the users specification, and people are still purchasing grade 1 and new examples of the Shortback and Longback off marketplaces like eBay where they can and sending them off to add the bells and whistles like a triple utility pouch, poncho pouch, commanders lid, mesh padded back system etc… but whats the problem here?

Their is a slight problem – with the phasing out of the PLCE and introduction of the Virtus the number of available PLCE on offer is dwindling and the asking price for graded stock and especially brand new is sourcing – welcome to the dynamic of supply and demand, and even when you pay for a costly PLCE bergen you still need to find somewhere to send it off to and pay extra to have all these modifications done and than the time taken is another factor to consider.

At Kitpimp we introduced the Pathfinder Bergen in MTP because we recognised the PLCE with modifications is still a highly desired item, and in the 1000D we use it’s completely IRR and British Army compliant, our kit is brand new and unused, the bergen is tailored and ready to go, it carries a hell of alot more in terms of storage than the Virtus Bergen and we would also argue it carries it just as comfortably than that advertised Dynamic Weight Distribution system.

The belt is removeable if it’s not required and their are plenty of immediately recognisable compartments and getting your kit stored in the places you need, and even if your abroad and need it we can deliver to BFPO – we’ve recently sent over to customers operating on Op Cabrit who have been delighted with the article itself and numerous Youtubers have praised the articles we retail as being alot more cost effective, robust and superior value for money than other competitors in the UK.

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