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British Army Bergen – Taking it further – The Pathfinder

The British Army Bergen only it’s own was known to be one of the most bombproof pieces of kit in the world, it was a design well liked by civilian outdoor enthusiasts and military alike, it had a great standalone capacity of 100 litres, with 2 x side pouches giving additional 10 liters capacity for a total of 120 litres when zipped all together, it’s still well loved and commercially copied despite now being phased out of general issue and it’s quite easy to pick one up on the surplus market.

Soldiers would send their British Army Bergen off to machinists to have modifications done, like a triple utility pouch, poncho pouch, mesh side pockets, commanders lid, mesh backing, widened shoulder straps and a few others – the problem with this was, and still is the case, that getting all these modifications done at once can be quite eye watering in terms of cost, so really the only solution was to give the customer a solution where one Bergen incorporates all the modifications already pre-done, and finally we were able to bring the Kitpimp Pathfinder Bergen onto the general market.

Based on the British Army Bergen not only does the Kitpimp Pathfinder Bergen feature all the most commonly asked for modifications in one package but we’ve released one variant for the civilian market in Olive Green and one for the UK Forces in genuine 1000D MTP – so whether civilian or military

  • 110 Litre main body – Plenty of space for storing all your main kit, read our soon to be released guide on packing your rucksack for some sage advice from a current serving soldier, the key thing to remember is that your sleeping bag usually goes right at the bottom
  • 2 x Side Pouches – Keep stuff you’ll need quick access to – waterproofs, cold weather kit, an extra jacket etc
  • 3 x Utility pouch (4 Litres each) – Up to you guys how this is done, it will take an issued UK water bottle with the mug fitted on top
  • Poncho pouch (8 Litres) – For forces personnel – Basha will go here
  • Sewn mesh pocket with drawstring top at side – Wet kit
  • Tactical floating lid – You can top flap a patrol pack underneath – Our current 35 Litre Patrol Pack is ideal
  • Padded mesh back – This was essential for when carrying loads over heavy distances – the sweat dissapation will leave you comfortable overall for long marches
  • Commanders Top lid with internal mesh pockets featuring a 3-sided zip – Person to person is different, I would break down your 24 hour rations into the 3 x mesh bags and some general admin bits into the MOLLE lid.
  • All buckles has now been replaced with tan UTX MOD compliant buckles that are harder wearing from before

British Army Bergen
British Army Bergen

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