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Recieving your item via the BFPO aka Royal Mail

Advice and guidance on receiving your item via the BFPO aka British Forces Post office network which is a Royal Mail associated operated service for UK Military and MOD personnel.

We have been seeing an increase in the number of webbing, patrol packs and bergens being sent international via the BFPO network, please note if you need assistance use the contact us form with your current allocated BFPO number and we will be happy to advise.

When addressing the delivery address you need to input the BFPO number in the relevant address field as well as the relevant postcode, see the official gov website for full clarification, you do NOT put the country you are deployed, training or serving in, the UK IS ALWAYS THE DELIVERY COUNTRY.

For example, if you are an example of one of our more recent customers in Seria in Brunei, you would use BFPO 11 and put in as a UK postcode BF1 3AG, you do NOT put the country in, this is not required, although we will usually check and correct prior to dispatch.

Use the contact us form below if you need any assistance, remember it is important to include your rank and service number as well as your full name and unit details where applicable.

Example address below, addressed with the relevant UK postcode.

12345678 LCPL B Jones B Company 1 Loamshire Regt BFPO 61 BFPO BF1 2AY, UNITED KINGDOM

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