Just so everyone can follow latest developments on our kit or just bored in general and want to entice themselves to a little waffling… so this is basically our kitpimp blog, sometimes for highlighting articles of interest to the outside world, or to clarify a few things to our customers, you never know, you might find it interesting…

The world of KitPimp is a weird and wonderful collaberation of stupid banter and exciting ideas, there’s no real plain end game apart from trying to give military forces around the world value for money for kit, after seeing the prices of places like Jay Jays, Troopers of Colchester, Dragon Supplies Ltd and Dixies Corner, all of which offer great products, but pricey.

Keep an eye on our kit and developments, if your a blogger, try our stuff out and let us know how it is, we’re pretty open ended and minded and if there are problems we’ll always sort it out.

So without further ado… heres the KitPimp blog!