Our bulletproof helmets come in various styles to suit different tastes, our general popular styles include the classic PASGT, MICH and FAST depending on the style desired. The general most common protection offered by helmets is 3A but level 4 are availale for those needing protection from most intense ballisic threats in their operating environment. The purpose of the bulletproof helmets is generally and quite obviously to protect your head from threats ranging from incoming fire through to shrapnel and indirect fire. The advantage of having a bulletproof helmet to hand also is the sense of well being in that it is offering you some protection instead of none, it may seem weird to some people in the world whom see journalists in war zones wearing them whilst on camera but they are used for good reason; it is a life saving piece of equipment.

Like bulletproof vests the helmets on offer are graded according to their protection against the international standards of the NIJ and the most popular is 3a but level 4 are also available for those needing additional security but these are generally alot more expensive and heavier due to the materials involved. Helmets don’t just offer protection by stopping bullets, they also protection against impacts such as when moving in fast urban environments that are encoutered by those in the special forces community whom perform fast raids, a good quality helmet doesn’t have to be expensive and obviously offers alot more protection than not wearing one.

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