Our stock of bulletproof ballistic plates or simply bulletproof plates come in the regular SAPI 30cm x 25cm form factor as well as the 20cm x 15cm as used in the traditional British Army CBA, ECBA, Osprey and Virtus, and other bulletproof vests. Compatible with most 3rd party plate carriers which use the form factor. When a plate you have purchased takes a ballistic hit or becomes damaged it should be replaced immediately or asap. There is a massive difference between soft armour and hard armour, note the plates listed here are known as hard armour plates. Meeting NIJ Level 4.

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2 x SAPI Plate – NIJ Level 4 – Bulletproof UHMWPE Ceramic Plates

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE NOW A CLEARANCE ITEM, SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, 10" x 12" SAPI plate bulletproof plates inserts to protect upto NIJ Level 4 against rifle calibre rounds including 5.56mm and 7.62mm. Sold in pairs and provide the most essential protection to the chest and back areas of the body. UK DELIVERY ONLY - NO EXPORT