Quality MTP Webbing ready to go! The standard camo pattern of the British Army and Armed Forces and stands for Multi Terrain Pattern. Our expanding range of hand made MTP Webbing made up of generally webbing, manufactured from genuine MTP fabric and also using MOD spec materials you can rely on these to survive the tests required of military grade equipment. Made of hard wearing 1000D cordura fabric and also IRR. Known also as belt kits which are attached to yokes to make up a complete harness set.

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Kitpimp 4 Point PLCE Under Armour Yoke – MTP

Original price was: £26.99.Current price is: £16.99.
The Kitpimp PLCE Under Armour Yoke is designed to be used on standard issue British PLCE and tailored webbing, also fits MOLLE battle belts, A low profile under armour yoke that is designed to be worn with all standard belt kits.


Original price was: £49.99.Current price is: £34.99.
The MOLLE Yoke in MTP is a 6-point lightweight harness compatible with all KitPimp webbing other 3rd party webbing and belt kit systems. Made in genuine 1000D MTP fabric. A best seller along with our KitPimp Commanders Hybrid Airborne Webbing in MTP which it can be used in conjunction with. Will easily take a MOLLE PRR pouch one either side of the yoke.

Kitpimp MTP MOLLE Webbing Roll Up Dump Pouch

Original price was: £24.99.Current price is: £20.99.
Our Roll Up Dump Pouch is attached to the D-Rings of our standard belt kits and features straps which can be comfortably looped through the D-rings as usual on the left side of our ammo pouch on our standard and hybrid belt kits.No need for throwing magazines down your smock anymore in a hurry, simply throw that expended STANAG into this bad boy and draw another from your ammo pouch! Generous size and neatly rolls up when not in use.

KitPimp Recon Hybrid Webbing – MTP

The ultimate tailored webbing - PVC lined pouches, one handed clips quick release clips, double ammo pouch, 2 x dual bowman radio pouch/utility pouch, 2 x utility pouches with storm hoods, commanders pouch with map window, MOLLE customization options - 1000D IRR CORDURA PLEASE NOTE THERE IS AN APPROX 30 DAY LEAD TIME ON THESE ITEMS AS THEY ARE CURRENTLY MADE TO ORDER