KitPimp UK are now pleased to offer a repair and tailoring service in the coming weeks and extended in the further months, we will be endeavoring to offer the most competitive rate as well as highest quality to match, we will be calling this the “Fifty-Fifty Price Promise”, with the name a dictation of the quality to match the service and work and vice versa.

Defects in kit made may only be made aware months after an initial purchase and the purpose of the service is to extend the usable life of an end user product by rectifying any issues with the item to bring it back to a serviceable standard, this can include: broken zips, broken buckles, and especially rips and tears.

Please note this is not a free service unless it is a clear defect, damage due to normal wear and tear, rips, abrasions. UV degradation, degradation due to environmental conditions and misuse or neglect is not covered under our warranty.

Kit purchased on the commercial market is not like UK Forces issued where you can simply hand it back in the QM and have it exchanged or replaced free of charge, and repair work can be costly, this is where the repair work from us comes in, we will endeavor to give the best pricing and quickest turnaround service.

We can organize a service at an extra cost to collect larger items such as webbing or rucksacks and have them repaired and delivered back to you using an express service, we are based in the UK and offer a quick turnaround time.

This service also applies to our own items where if a defect has been identified within a reasonable period than we will endeavor to correct any issues and if that is not possible than to replace any items, we will also try and do this as quick as possible to ensure you have your kit back asap to continue making the best use of.

There will be a service available to all products whether from our own branded range or any 3rd party products on general retail and this includes but not limited to

  • British Army
  • Foreign Military
  • Police
  • Marauder
  • Dragon Supplies
  • Jay Jays of Brecon
  • Troopers of Colchester
  • Kombat UK
  • Web-Tex

We get questions regarding warranty and are wanting to reassure customers regarding questions on warranty, so please note the comments regarding defects below, we have been retailing our kit for some time and we do regular QC checks but errors can be made and no business has the time to check every piece of kit in every section individually, so if a defect does arrive like below you will get the assurance of a repair or replacement where required.

Please note 3rd party work done on any of our products will invalidate the guarantee we offer