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What is Airborne Webbing compared to other Webbing…

What has Airborne Webbing got to do with paras anyway?

It’s not a daft question to ask; what is Airborne Webbing and what is the difference between it and PLCE and MOLLE kit, it should be known for a start “Airborne Webbing itself is not exclusivly issued to the Airborne Forces of the UK as well as the individual units, and it never has been… let’s start with exactly what it it…

Airborne Webbing and the paras and commandos go hand in hand!

We currently do 3 types as of 2020,

Paras and Airborne Webbing - Goes hand in hand!

The traditional belt kit was always a solid favourite for those in the Armed Forces and the next evolution was simply to make it more comfortable to wear, carrying all you need to survive for 24 hours at the least and these belt kits do exactly that, further refinements will see the ability to mount radio pouches and conversions.

our designer and manufacturer is already putting forward new idea including patrol packs and with plenty of stock on the way in production we won’t be caught short handed although expect high demand for the price we’re selling it at!

Remember Airborne webbing isn’t exclusive to the Parachute Regiment, it’s a solid option for anyone in the Infantry regardless of their role and those in the support role as well.

We guarentee full satisfaction of a 100% money back guarentee, no quibble or argument, we may ask if there was an issue but that’s just about it! So look forward to 2020 through to 2021!

Hand built by ourselves lovingly in the UK to the highest specification and standards, featuring a comfortable jointed hip pad, using cushioned foam to pad and protect the soldier, pouches are sewn directly onto hip pad, which promotes stability and comfort – Sizes available for 29-38″.

The Webbing itself than simply requires a yoke or harness to complete the outfit, we are currently working on a range of yokes including traditional Airborne, PLCE, MOLLE and Patrol,

What has Airnorne Webbing got to do with Paras…

What’s airborne about the Airborne Webbing that is retailed everywhere and is there anything special about it? Well, don’t ask about the name because we ourselves don’t even know, we just contract out to have it made for ourselves, as specified it’s pouches stitched onto a foam padded belt.

The good news is that at least all the materials used are military standard ranging from the 1000D MTP or Multicam fabric with it’s IRR properties right through the buckles which are from ITW Nexus.

Standard Utility pouches also have a storm hooded and we have these done in our latest batches are no additional cost, whereas other places charge an addiitonal premium, this serves to further protect the contentds as well as secure them

It’s nice and easy to use, unlike MOLLE where the pouches have to be attached onto a seperate platform and PLCE where you need to go through the set up of aligning pouches to a belt using T-bars onto a PLCE belt, this stuff is good to go straight away, all you need is a yoke or harness as they say, and they aren’t particulurly expensive.

We’ve paid special attention to some of the pointers given in the past and we are now adding a PVC lining on ALL pouches to further waterproof the contents, this lining goes under the IRR fabric which itself has a durable water repellant finish.

We have ensured that their is a section you can attach a PLCE or MOLLE bayonet frog for those in the Infantry whom need the option to mount it for quick access.

With further refinements the webbing sets themselves taken effort to outsource only the best materials available from the hardwearing 1000D infra-red reflective fabric to the tough ITW nexus buckles used to close the pouches, it was a hard choice to select for a buckle between a roll pin and a Cobra style but it was decided that the Cobra quick release would give solid familiarity to the general user, although in the future we may decide to offer some in roll pin.

Currently it is is on offer in 2 variants

Standard Airborne Webbing: Nice and simple no-frill quality design suitable for all including cadets and soldiers; 2 sets of double ammo pouches and 3/4 utility pouches, nice and simple, featuring a multi-tool pouch on one end of the belt and a FFD pouch on the other!

Commanders Airborne Webbing: 1 set of double ammo pouches, 3/4 utility pouch and in place of the right hand ammo pouch is a converted commanders pouch which can function either as an ammo pouch, utility and can also store LMG boxes, the commanders pouch also features a map window in the lid which can be handy for platoon sergeants or platoon commanders.

Our webbing has now become a proven especially through our eBay outlet; iIt’s a solid seller and is soon going to be available in a wide range of flavours and comes complete with a yoke for a full set up, we will be aiming to have it available also in Multicam variants.

All belt kits are IRR, durable water repellant and made from tough hard wearing cordura.

The utility pouches themselves feature storm hoods to further keep the contents dry and the ammo pouches are PVC lined to protect your ammo magazines, the storm hood feature was chosen to ensure that things which are stored such as luxury items like Jet Boil and essentials like food and survival kits are also protected, and in case liquid does get into them their are drainage eyelets at the bottom to release any liquid should it become stored up.

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